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"Professor Fitch's singular expertise in rhetoric completely changed the way I conceive, interpret, and perform the music of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. She provides extremely useful tools in a concise, musical, fun, and immediately applicable manner.”

          - grad student in voice


“Prof. Fitch identified and connected with my personal style of learning with remarkable acuteness and care. She was constantly encouraging the class to go straight to the heart of the music. She has made a deep impression on me that will last a lifetime.”

      - grad student in harpsichord


“I very much appreciated her clear instruction, systematic and organized way of teaching, as well as her sincere and friendly personality.”

      - grad student in piano

"The drive and enthusiasm you exhibited became sort of normative for me. I experienced the joy of dedication through your example. Even in those difficult times, as money for the fine arts was stopped, you just kept putting it out like falling in love."

         - grad student in lute

"… a strong and expressive musician,. Her pedagogical style is clear, supportive, and imaginative… has opened up the world of figured-bass to players of all levels. Students and colleagues alike appreciate her depth of knowledge, her wit, her joy in collaboration."

- Sarah Mead, Brandeis University


“… a consummate professional, a master of her art; a wonderful musician whose approach to performance is sensitive but straight-forward, focused on the larger flow and character of the music but filled with appropriate and very elegant musical details. As a teacher and coach, she is firm and clear but sympathetic and supportive. She is one of the major figures in her field.”

- Larry Wallach, Simon’s Rock 

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